Welcome to Gaming Redirect FastDL Hosting

What does Gaming Redirect offer and what does it do?

Gaming Redirect offers server admins the ability to host their servers custom content on a remote machine known as redirect servers or fastdownload servers.

Gaming Redirect eliminates your servers stress and resources needed to download custom content as well provides blazing speeds for your visitors. Without a redirect server, your visitors will most likely play somewhere else.

Which games support redirect hosting?

The following are just a small list of many games that support FastDL. If a game supports FastDL Gaming Redirect, supports it too!

Call of Duty Series || Half-Life Series || Day of Defeat Series || Counter-Strike Series
Team Fortress Series || Unreal Tournament Series || Killing Floor Series || Natural Selection Series
Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 || Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 || Gary's Mod || Insurgency
Day of Infamy || Quake 4 || Return to Castle Wolfenstein Series

What are the plans and prices for Gaming Redirect?

Gaming Redirect offers a few different affordable plans to accommodate your game server needs. Head on over to our order page for our full prices.

Note: Account setup's are not automatic and need to be manually setup. Please allow 1-12 hours after payment. Usually within the first two hours.

Accepted Payment Types